VetRemedi Pet Suite

A Simple Integrated Solution for all your Animals' needs.

VetRemedi pet suite consists of 4 applications that form a cirle, catering to all needs of animals.

Vetremedi App

The VetRemedi implements telemedicine and allows users to connect to doctors, get medicines prescribed, order food and accessories and get them delivered to their home.

Doctors App

The VetRemedi doctors app enables professional doctors to sign up and consult patients, doctors can attend calls, keep track of their patients records and order medicines for them.

Pharmacy App

The pharmacy app is where VetRemedi partnered pharmacies run their operations, pharmacy owners can serve orders, keep track of their logistics, accounts and payments.

Delivery App

The Delivery App is where the trained delivery agents hired by VetRemedi can view orders, track their progress, orders history and can withdraw payments.