Vetremedi Pet Suite

Join us in making your pets happy and healthy again!

Our story.

We're here with the resolve to redefine pet health care by providing a one stop solution to every pet need. Human health care is progressing rapidly and illustruously, why shouldn't pets have the same advantages. We wanted to build a robust mechanism that caters to every pet need and provides them a full scale support and the result of these thoughts is VetRemedi.

We as humans, wanted to do our part to support the farmers of our nation, we understand the importance of Animal Husbandry(AH) its contribution to Nation GDP. AH farmers should be provided with Advanced/Best Veterinary Aid. Hence farmer consultations are Zero/Nominal on Vetremedi. We intend to educate the farmers the advantages social media/web and teach them to take care of animals through VetRemedi.

Pets and Animals provide us a lot of joy and comfort, shouldn't they be receiving the same from us? VetRemedi helps you do this.


Our Journey

We, a group of 3 got the idea of Livestock support, along with the delivery of medicines and result is, Vetremedi.

Haritha L

An IT consultant by profession. Working for a top-notch firm in Europe, closely observed the facilities availed by the farmers over there in caring the livestock. Thinking that the same facilities should be available to her people, upon return to india the thought was elaborated and put to work with like minded people.

Mohana Kumari G

Mohana Kumari G, an Endodontist by profession. As a daughter of farmer, since childhood closely observed the hardships faced. She acted as our eyes and ears to understand the difficulties faced by farmers through the entire build process.

Pramod Chaitanya V

an IT Consultant by profession. Visited South Asian continent and monitored the facilities availed by the farmers in the respective countries. Considering his experience on IT and exposure to functionality,pushed forward the development of the application overseeing the ideations, feasibilities to provide the best experience.